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Get your Wheels and Tires Dirty in Belgrade!

Off Road Belgrade

Churning through the mud and muck!

Off-roading isn’t just a North American thing; it’s a thrill that’s to be enjoyed around the world and the folks in Belgrade, Serbia know how to have themselves a muddy good time! They’re armed with all kinds of 4×4 machines and love to get their wheels and tires full of mud and muck.

The forests outside of Belgrade provide the perfect setting for some all-terrain fun. Here, a group of friends brought their Land Rovers, Jeeps, Toyotas, and Nissans to get their wheels and tires down and dirty on some rain soaked trails.

Off Road Belgrade

Armed with hand-held cameras and GoPros, this group put their modified SUVs through their paces in some rough terrain. These off-road machines dug their wheels and tires into the mud and tried to get through, however, some of them got stuck. On one occasion, a Jeep had to hoist itself up a tree using its winch in order to change a tire out.

Some got stuck, some powered through, but in the end, everyone had fun. Just goes to show that you can get your wheels and tires muddy anywhere in the world and have yourself a good time!


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