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Time to drift those Car Wheels – Lada Style!

Lada drifting

In Russia, Lada drift you!

If you’re looking for an old, crap car that somehow still keeps on running, then go to Russia and get a Lada. These rear-wheel drive cars fit the definition of cheap, but somehow keep on puttering around with their loyal following. However, the certainly know a thing or two about drifting their car wheels in the snow.

These old cars are super cheap and easy to maintain, allowing shade tree mechanics to fix and upgrade them with everything from forced induction to new car wheels. They have quite the following and this 2016 drift event in Russia shows us just why.

Lada drifting

They may not have the most power or the sportiest of dynamics, but these Ladas certainly know how to go sideways. Their low power allows drivers to learn and fine-tune their drifting skills better than some of the high-powered sports cars that spin their rear car wheels with the touch of the throttle.

This event showcased some serious fun with turbocharged and naturally-aspirated fun as these modified and stripped out Russian cars slid their car wheels sideways across the frozen track, sometimes spinning out and going right into the snow bank.

Even drifting with a crappy car is way more exciting than driving a fast car slow!

Source: batmann555 YouTube

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