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Car Rims and Truck Rims with Unique Spokes

Aftermarket rim manufacturers are always looking for new ways to catch the consumer’s eye. But they’ve got to keep an eye on performance as well. Car rim manufacturers want to maintain strength, minimize mass, and create a killer look.

Basically, like the rest of the world, they want to do more with less. Along with the finish, the spoke pattern offers custom wheel designers the greatest opportunity to unleash their creativity.

Here are just a few examples of car rims with unique spokes that are hot sellers today. But before we dive into the eye candy, first let’s get one big question out of the way.

Does the Number of Spokes Really Matter?

Okay, when it comes to durability and performance, what’s the truth?  Are more spokes better on car rims? Will a five-spoke wheel beat a nine-spoke wheel or is it the other way around?

Does the number of spokes on a car rim really matter?

Yes, it matters a lot if you find the look of ultra-thin spokes appealing. A rim with five fat spokes just won’t appeal to you. But if you are just concerned with performance, the answer is no. The number of spokes on a car rim doesn’t matter.

When you get down to it, what really matters is whether the rim and tire fit the vehicle properly and the overall combined weight of the wheel and tire. The proper bolt pattern, width, diameter, offset, and backspacing are what determine the best rim for your car. Not the number of spokes.

Get the fitment right and then worry about style. And spoke patterns are all about style. Check these out.

Car Rims with Thin Spokes

Man has been riding on spoked wheels since the earliest chariots. Even today, bikes and motorcycles take the lead from car rims and roll on spoked wheels too.

Thin spokes remove mass, so car rim designers balance weight to strength to create wheels with really thin spokes. These wheels are for tuners and enthusiasts that want the performance look in every aspect of their ride.


The designers at Vision Wheels are highly invested in the visual statement spokes make on their custom wheels. With the Clutch, they combine 5 thin, split spokes that extend to the edge of the wheel with a wide variety of finishes.Whether you pick the gloss black, gunmetal, or hyper silver, you’ll enjoy an aggressively styled car rim. The Clutch wheel is available in 18”, 20”, and 22” diameters with the 20” available in multiple widths if you want to go staggered.

If you like the look of thin spokes, Vision isn’t the only game in town.


There are loads of aftermarket BMW wheels sporting thin spokes. But don’t you think your Beamer deserves something that turns heads and gets the blood pumping? The Sebring thin spoke wheel by TSW is just the thing to do it.

White BMW on Sebring car rims

This BMW Z4 convertible is the epitome of classic sports car style, so it needs the epitome of thin spoked, classic car rims. And TSW provides that by combining two five thin split spoke designs that overlap to create a completely unique three-dimensional mesh pattern. The engineering took months before the first wheel was cast, to make sure the design was exactly right. Whether you go with black or silver, you’ll find the bolt patterns, diameters, and offsets that give you the ultimate fit for your ultimate driving machine.

The Sebring isn’t just for BMWs either. With diameters from 17” up to 22” and a wide range of bolt patterns and widths, the Sebring car rim fits many domestic vehicles too.

Rims with Fat Spokes

Big and beefy spokes send an aggressive message. Go for a staggered fitment for an aggressive stance and look for faux bead locks and bolts to add a really forceful style.

Fuel Assault

Take eight super chunky spokes, add super thick Y-arms, add rivets to the rim and a deeply convex wheel cap, and you’ve got the Assault by Fuel.

Red Ford F150 truck on Fuel car and truck rims

Take away the candy apple red paint and this Ford F-150 would look just as striking. That’s the power of the unique Assault spoke design. The milled accents effectively draw the eye into the black-spoke design. There are beefy spokes and there are Y-arm spokes, but Off Road fuses the two together in unmistakable style.

Vision Off Road Warrior

If you expect all split spokes to be thin, you need to change your expectations and check out how Vision Wheel re-imagines the split spoke.

These spokes are almost as thick as they are long. The Vision Off Road 375 Warrior also adds a convex spin to the split spoke. It’s not something you would ever see on an OEM wheel, but it is certainly something for you to envision on your Blazer, Promaster van, or Tundra truck.

Car Rims with Cutouts

You don’t see cutouts very often anymore. So, when you do see them, they are unique. Instead of casting a wheel with spokes, cutouts are machined from the face of the wheel. It harkens back to the days of American muscle cars when steel wheels ruled, and alloys weren’t on the scene yet.

Pacer Soft 8

American wheel manufacturer, Pacer, is known for its simplistic but durable wheels. This is a wheel that absolutely refuses to hop on the hype train. That’s what makes it so unusual.Pacer car rims with cutouts in black finishPacer Soft 8 is perfect for your classic cruiser. It’s available in those hard-to-find 15” sizes as well as 16” and 17” diameters.

Huge Selection of Car Rims

When you are looking for the largest selection of car rims online, look no further than WheelHero. WheelHero’s inventory includes an extensive assortment of car rims, truck and SUV wheels, including classic wheels, forged wheels, and off-road wheels. Experience a wide variety of styles, ranging from sturdy thick spokes to sleek thin spokes, as well as the captivating split spokes, the timeless beauty of classic 5-spoke designs, the charming cutouts, and much more.

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