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Can the Discovery’s Tires and Wheels beat a Dog Sled Team?

Land Rover Discovery Tires and Wheels vs Dog Sled Team

Horsepower vs Dog Power!

Land Rover is pretty proud of their new Discovery that just hit the market. So, they’re doing all kinds of stunts and races to show people just how capable this relatively affordable off road luxury SUV can be. This time around, they’re in Lemppy, Finland at the special Dog Sled Training Facility to see if those British tires and wheels can beat a team of seasoned vets.

The Vesilppis Tunnel is one of the few places that you’ll find snow during the summer in Finland other than the mountains. This underground facility has a 1 kilometer snow covered track that’s 35 meters underground. The 2.0-degree, Celsius temperature is perfect for the frosty good stuff and to test the tires and wheels on the four wheel drive Land Rover Discovery.

Land Rover Discovery Tires and Wheels vs Dog Sled Team

So, Land Rover lined up their new Discovery against the veteran six-dog sled team led by Laura Kääriäinen in the tunnel to a one lap race. The dogs, being inherently slower than a 286 horsepower turbocharged SUV with proper tires and wheels were given a clean sheet of snow, while the Discovery had to traverse a lumpy set of obstacles.

The race started with the Land Rover Discovery quickly getting the better start thanks to the four wheel drive system and its tires and wheels. It remained in the lead until it got to the obstacle course, where the sled dogs quickly caught up and passed the SUV. However, around the final bend and into the home stretch, the Discovery made up the lost ground and time to narrowly win by a hair.

So, yes, the 286 bhp Land Rover Discovery is faster than a six-dog sled team over snow and ice.

Source: Land Rover

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