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Watch Tony Pedregon and the American Racing Funny Car Spin Its Custom Rims

The beauty of racing in slow motion.

Motorsports and racing is all about speed. Being as fast as possible in all aspects of a competition while striving for perfection, and being accident-free will usually yield a victory. With all of the fast-paced action going on, it’s easy to get lost in some of the miniscule details that make all kinds of racing and competition so great and enjoyable. Just take driver Tony Pedregon and his American Racing Wheels NHRA Funny Car as an example. Even though the racecar is capable of blistering acceleration and creating incredible forces, much of that can get lost while watching it speed down the drag strip.

Thankfully, the American Racing Wheels team was able to slow things down just a tad for us to enjoy all of the drama and action during the lightning-fast sprint.

The 8,000 horsepower nitromethane-fueled V-8 engine of the American Racing Wheels NHRA funny car is just the start of the incredible racing scene. The deafening sound of fuel exploding and shooting out in the form of fire and smoke from each of the side exhausts is a thrilling sequence to behold in itself. Each of the rear custom rims from American Racing Wheels begins to turn and cause the tires to deform as the stick to the asphalt beneath them. The tremendous amount of power that’s being exerted on the drivetrain carries over to the chassis and causes body panels to begin to rotate and flex as the funny car starts to accelerate.

As two-time NHRA Funny Car Champion, Tony Pedregon holds onto the wheel, the American Racing racer takes off with a thunderous roar; its custom rims struggling for grip as it screams down the drag strip. In the blink of an eye, it’s all over, but adrenaline is still flowing through everyone’s veins.

The race may last only a few seconds, but thanks to a slow-motion camera capturing things at 1,000-frames per second, we can enjoy it for a long time.

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