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KMC Wheels Bad Habit Monster Truck breaks World Record with Epic Jump!

Joe Sylvester isn’t one that likes to see his records broken. In 2009, he set a world record by jumping his monster truck an astonishing 208 feet. Last year, that record was broken with a jump that measured 214-feet, eight inches. That didn’t sit well with Sylvester, so he and Bad Habit monster truck with KMC wheels set out to recapture the title.

On September 1st at the Cornfield 500, Sylvester was able to climb back into the record books thanks to his Bad Habit truck, KMC Wheels, and a lot of adrenaline. The 10,000 lb. monster with specially designed KMC XD Rockstar truck wheels was able to break the current record with an amazing jump of 237 feet, six inches. To put that in perspective, that’s enough to clear the Statue of Liberty from torch to feet by over 50 feet!

This wasn’t just a get-in-and-go record, though. Sylvester and his team put long hours of careful planning into achieving the record-setting jump before the jump took place. The truck had to reach a speed of 85 mph, something that could not be done in a stadium, and a speed that was only 1 mph short of the current land-speed record for a monster truck. The jump also required his Bad Habit Truck with KMC wheels to reach a height that could clear a three-story building, making the jump even more dangerous.

After reaching the required 85 mph speed and hitting the jump with fireworks exploding, Sylvester was able to land 237 feet, six inches away. While in the air, the truck began to over-rotate and slammed front-axle-first on the dirt landing strip, breaking the front-end and crashing into some trees in the process. Even after the violent landing, Sylvester was able to walk away with the glory of knowing he set a new record.

The jump by Joe Sylvester and his Bad Habit with KMC wheels was made according to parameters of the official Guinness World Records and is being verified by officials. The team expects the record to be confirmed within a few weeks.

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