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Baja MTZ Radial Reviews, Feedback & Opinions

Dirt, Mud, and Asphalt can’t stop the Baja MTZ.

Some off-road enthusiasts want to be able to drive their terrain-bruising truck or SUV through the harsh environment then be able to comfortably ride back home wearing mud, grime, and a big smile. Many off-road tire options don’t have the ability to perform well on the roads and vice versa. Mickey Thompson’s Baja MTZ Radial tires, however can beat up the terrain and ride smooth on the pavement for a perfect blend of both worlds.

The Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial tire is built for the harsh terrain and challenges that off-roading presents. Innovative Mickey Thompson Power Ply sidewalls feature a special third ply that is angled to provide better handling performance, improved puncture resistance, and greater towing capacity. That in itself may sound like the complete package, but the features don’t stop there.

Traction is the name of the game with the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial tires. A self-cleaning high-void tread lug design helps to move away mud and snow so that there are always enough claws to tear into the ground. Deep shoulder lugs also work to improve the overall traction over any terrain and add to the powerful looks of the tires.

With the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial tires, there isn’t a compromise when driving back from a tough outdoor adventure. The rugged terrain may be the strong point of the tires, but driving smooth and quiet on asphalt is also a hallmark. Thanks to an advanced radial construction, the ride is not only smooth but the highways miles can be piled on due to the superb wear life.

Whether you’re blasting through the harshest terrain or cruising around town, the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial tires are the perfect option.

Baja MTZ Radial Tire Feedback

“The MTZ balances all the essential attributes you would want in a mud-terrain tire for a daily driver.”
– Robin S

“I run them and they are awesome, I’d put them in a totally different category than a GY or a BFG.”
– Ibuildembig

“Long lasting, even wear, on and off road ability, aggressive, low noise level”
– shewantsthedj

“These tires have been the best mud tire I have ever owned. I currently have 63,000 miles on my mickey thompsons. These tires have been off-road done numerous burnouts and still have 25% tread left.”
– jonnysteals

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