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Product Warranty
At Wheel Hero we strive to sell the highest level of quality products and for that reason we have strict requirements from our vendors as an effort to ensure our clients are covered fairly.

Warranty provided is a manufacturer warranty extended to the original purchaser. We will gladly assist in fulfilling warranty claims from our Hollywood, Florida location with the customer being responsible for freight charges. Other than applicable manufacturers’ warranties, there are no warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Any and all warranty claim decisions are made by the manufacturer and not Wheel Hero. 

Below are some common warranty scenarios for reference:

What Is Covered:
- Defect in Material or Workmanship 
- Structural Failure 

What Is Not Covered: 
- Road Hazard Damage (unless covered by manufacturer, see below)
- Surface Rust (wheels)
- Pitting (wheels)

Tire Warranty:
When available the mileage warranty will be detailed within the tire product description. Please note that all warranties mentioned are manufacturer warranties. For exact details of coverage always refer to the manufacturers website. If you can't locate this info feel free to contact us and we'll send it to you.

Road Hazard / Road Side
All Road Hazard or Road Side warranties are manufacturer provided services. Please refer to manufacturers website for complete details. If you can't locate this info feel free to contact us and we'll send it to you.   

Warranty Claim Instructions:
We take warranty claims very seriously, and for that reason we have developed an internal ticket system to assure your inquiry reaches the right department. To initiate a claim simply visit or contact us page and click on the 'Customer Support' tab and we'll assure a dedicated support member will respond asap.

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