Ravetti M12 Black

$246.67/ wheel
$986.68 for a set of 4 wheels

38mm Offset,
5x114.3 Bolt Pattern,
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Size: 20x8.5

Offset: 38mm

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Unleashing the raw essence of speed and agility, the Ravetti M12 Black stands as a testament to automotive excellence, embodying the spirit of the racetrack with every inch of its meticulously crafted design. Its wheels, a marvel of engineering, are not just components but the heart of its performance, offering an unrivaled connection between the asphalt and the adrenaline that courses through the veins of every enthusiast. With a finish as dark as the night and a strength forged from the finest materials, these wheels are the perfect synthesis of beauty and durability, ensuring that the Ravetti M12 Black not only turns heads but also corners with the precision of a seasoned athlete. Dive into the experience of driving where every turn is a statement of power and every mile an ode to the art of speed, all resting on the unmatched foundation of the Ravetti M12 Black's wheels.


Size: 20x8.5

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3

Offset: 38mm

Hub Bore: 74.10

Finish: Black

Manufacturer Part #: RAV-M12-2865F

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