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Motiv 438B Black

$361.41 - $429.99/ wheel

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Introducing the Motiv 438B Black, where elegance meets endurance in a symphony of design. This wheel is a masterpiece that marries sleek aesthetics with robust functionality, offering an unparalleled blend of style, performance, and value. Crafted from exceptionally strong A356 aluminum alloy and subjected to T6 heat treatment for peak strength, its construction speaks volumes about durability without compromising on looks. The artfully designed spokes culminate in a striking finish while intricate details elevate the overall appeal. Each wheel features a low-profile center cap adorned with the distinct Motiv Street Logo, ensuring compatibility with TPMS systems for added convenience. Embrace this harmonious fusion of form and function—a true motivator on any road.

  • Exceptionally Strong A356 Aluminum Alloy
  • T6 Heat Treated for Maximum Strength
  • Low-Profile Center Cap with Motiv Street Logo
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty & 1 Year Finish Warranty


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    Most Approximate Photos Shown. Final Design Of Wheel Is Dependent On Bolt Pattern, Size And Offset.