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Ruff Racing Wheels

Ruff Racing Wheels

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When you're going door-to-door through the S-turns or flying down the hill during the local rally competition, you need wheels that are up to the task. RUFF Wheels have been trusted since 1979 by professional and amateur racers who have the need for speed. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, RUFF racing wheels are designed for both compact sport and luxury performance vehicles in any division. Not only are they constructed for the rigors of closed course, street course, rally and hill-climb racing, but they look amazing as they sail across the finish line - and not just because you're leading the pack.

Any RUFF racing rims you buy are guaranteed to fit your vehicle when you order from You'll find the latest directional wheels, concave wheels, lip rims and other modern designs. The RUFF R1 and R357 the classic 5-arm style while models such as the R351, R365 and R955 add incredible details while still being very lightweight. The company is also known for offering many finishing options on their custom wheels. Full-paint, machined face and chromed finishes match RUFF racing wheels with any type of vehicle. It's not just the standard black and silver, either - order black RUFF R363 wheels with red striping or get R358 gold wheels that are always first-place in style.

Whether you want FWD wheels, staggered tuner wheels or oversize wheels, RUFF will have you howling with delight. They're available in sizes from 15 to 24 inches with the bolt pattern, width and offset that are just right. Just use the WheelHero search tools to find the OEM fit for your vehicle or a custom setup. We also help our customers build wheels and tires packages that are mounted and balanced by SEMA-certified specialists. Just give us a call and we'll be glad to help you with choosing wheels or arranging for rim financing. Our low prices and free shipping mean racers of all levels can get a little RUFF with the competition.
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