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Pacer Wheels

Pacer Wheels

Unleash the full potential of your vehicle with Pacer Wheels, where performance meets style in every design. Pacer redefines what it means to blend aesthetic appeal with the rugged dependability of steel and aluminum wheels. From the daily driver to the weekend racer, Pacer’s broad range of wheels offers something for every type of enthusiast. Dive into our collection and discover the perfect fusion of durability and sleek, minimalist design Pacer Wheels brings to your ride.

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Pacer 310W  Spoke WhiteWhite


310W Spoke White


$54.29 - $155.71 / wheel

$217.16 - $622.84 for a set of 4 wheels

Pacer 55W  Mod WhiteWhite


55W Mod White


$62.86 - $131.43 / wheel

$251.44 - $525.72 for a set of 4 wheels

Pacer 229S  Modular SilverSilver


229S Modular Silver


$62.86 - $131.43 / wheel

$251.44 - $525.72 for a set of 4 wheels

Pacer 28GA Galvanized Spoke Gray


28GA Galvanized Spoke


$78.57 - $138.57 / wheel

$314.28 - $554.28 for a set of 4 wheels

Pacer 297B  Soft 8 BlackBlack


297B Soft 8 Black


$127.14 - $195.71 / wheel

$508.56 - $782.84 for a set of 4 wheels

Pacer 342B  Daytona BlackBlack


342B Daytona Black


$127.14 - $157.14 / wheel

$508.56 - $628.56 for a set of 4 wheels

Pacer 162M Aluminum Mod Machined


162M Aluminum Mod


$154.41 - $201.56 / wheel

$617.64 - $806.24 for a set of 4 wheels

Pacer 164P LT Mod  PolishedPolished


164P LT Mod Polished


$195.84 - $243.56 / wheel

$783.36 - $974.24 for a set of 4 wheels

Pacer 187P Warrior Polished


187P Warrior


$227.13 - $284.99 / wheel

$908.52 - $1139.96 for a set of 4 wheels

Pacer 164B LT Mod  BlackBlack


164B LT Mod Black


$236.41 / wheel

$945.64 for a set of 4 wheels

Size: 17x9

Offset: -12mm


Set of 4

Pacer 786C Ideal Chrome


786C Ideal


$345.69 / wheel

$1382.76 for a set of 4 wheels

Size: 18x8

Offset: 42mm


Set of 4

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Why Pacer Wheels Stand Out

Key Features of Pacer Wheels:

  • Versatile Selection: Whether you’re cruising in a luxury sedan, navigating in a domestic minivan, or adventuring in a sport utility vehicle, Pacer’s extensive catalog of one- and two-piece cast and forged aluminum wheels, alongside composite and steel options, ensures a custom fit for every vehicle type.

  • Durable and Dependable: Pacer Wheels are renowned for their strength and durability. Designed as the perfect OE steel wheel replacement, these wheels offer reliability for work vans and personal vehicles alike.

  • Sleek and Minimalist Design: Pacer brings a no-nonsense style upgrade to your vehicle with designs that merge sleek aesthetics with the practicality of rugged steel wheels.

  • Classic Fitments: Specializing in classic fitments with a variety of negative offsets, Pacer is the go-to brand for those looking to add a vintage or classic look to their muscle cars or hot rods.

Elevate Your Vehicle with Pacer Wheels

Choosing Pacer means giving your vehicle not just a wheel upgrade, but a transformation that enhances its overall appearance and performance. With options to suit any style preference and driving need, Pacer Wheels are the ideal choice for drivers seeking both form and function in their vehicle’s wheels.

Cleaning and Maintaining your Custom Wheels

  • Wash your wheels regularly. This will help remove dirt, brake dust, and other contaminants that can build up and damage the finish. Use a mild car soap and a soft wash mitt or sponge. Avoid using harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners, as these can scratch the finish.

  • Use a wheel cleaner specifically designed for your type of rims. Different types of rims require different cleaning products. For example, chrome rims require a different cleaner than painted rims. Be sure to read the label carefully before using any cleaning product on your rims.

  • Dry your wheels thoroughly after washing. Water spots can etch into the finish of your rims, so it's important to dry them completely with a clean microfiber cloth.

  • Wax your wheels regularly. This will help protect the finish from the elements and make them easier to clean. Use a high-quality car wax that is safe for wheels.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals, such as brake cleaner or oven cleaner, can damage the finish of your rims. If you need to remove stubborn stains, use a product that is specifically designed for cleaning wheels.

By following these tips, you can help keep your custom rims looking their best for years to come.

Why Choose WheelHero?

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