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Borghini Wheels

Borghini Wheels



Machined Black

$198.41 / wheel

$793.64 for a set of 4 wheels

Size: 18x7.5

Offset: 38mm


Set of 4



Machined Black

$260.32 - $388.89 / wheel

$1041.28 - $1555.56 for a set of 4 wheels




Black Milled

$320.63 / wheel

$1282.52 for a set of 4 wheels




Machined Black

$379.37 - $474.6 / wheel

$1517.48 - $1898.4 for a set of 4 wheels

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When people want high-performance wheels that are worthy of their high-performance cars, they look to Borghini. For more than a decade, this Los Angeles-based brand has been a leader in aftermarket custom wheels for cars, sport trucks and SUVs. As part of the VELOCITY Wheel family, Borghini aluminum wheels are known for being light and strong, helping your vehicle grab the road and get off the line. They'll be the first thing everyone notices whether they're looking for great performance or serious eye candy. At WheelHero, you can get great deals on Borghini Wheels that are guaranteed to fit any street car, luxury car or show car you order them for.

We offer many models of custom Borghini rims that are a sleek, high-class addition to a vehicle. Every wheel, from the Borghini B15 for mid-size sedans to the Borghini Wheels B24 for trucks and mini-SUVs, comes in numerous sizes, bolt patterns and offsets. Simply put, if you want to put a certain style of Borghini rim on your vehicle, you probably can! All wheels are manufactured from cast monoblock aluminum using state-of-the-art techniques that make them remarkably reliable. They also come in many cool designs such as 6-arm, 12-arm, S-arm and diamond wheels that are as strong as they are visually stunning.

Use our fitment tools to find all the Borghini luxury wheels we sell that match both your vehicle and your style needs. When you bolt on a set of custom chrome wheels or machined black wheels, you'll feel the rush that others only see. WheelHero has great prices on all these aftermarket wheels and can also help you put together Borghini - it's like making sure your car's shoes and socks always match. Visit the Borghini Wheels website at for more information about their custom rims or contact the WheelHero support team. Most order ship the same business day and arrive within two days from our huge U.S. distribution network.
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    Most Approximate Photos Shown. Final Design Of Wheel Is Dependent On Bolt Pattern, Size And Offset.