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FreePasser MT
When you're trying to power through an off-road trail or earn the hole-shot during TORC Series qualifying, a swath of mud isn't going to give you a free pass - but a Free Passer tire will! These mud-terrain tires were developed by Carry Tire, a Florida-based company that has been a leading tire manufacturer and exporter since 1991. With aggressive tread, stable construction and a U.S. DOT-approved safety rating, Free Passer tires are built for those who live to make their own path. Where you're driving, you don't need roads; you just need the grip and durability of Free Passer 4x4 MTĀ® tires for sale at a low price from WheelHero.

We have high-quality tires that are perfect for short course racing, mud-bogging, hauling or general off-roading. Their Mud Traker tires are one of our best-selling products, as they come in both 22-inch and 24-inch diameters that are ideal for full-size trucks. If you have a smaller sport truck or mini-SUV, mount a set of Free Passer CT4000 20-inch tires that have the right combination of grip and top-end speed. These tires aren't just for getting off the road, either. They are built to perform solidly on the paved or dirt roads you travel in-between while giving you the most mileage for your money.

The only thing better than finding the right tires at the right price is finding them quickly. WheelHero has "Shop by Vehicle" and "Shop Tires by Size" tools that make tire-shopping as easy as ordering breakfast. So if you're in search of 33x12.50x15 tires for sale, 34x14.50x15 tires or any other size, you can find out in seconds if there are FreePasser MT tires that match. We love nothing more than setting customers up with high-quality tires and wheels that are guaranteed to fit. You'll also receive fast and free U.S. shipping on every Free Passer order - in fact, more than 70 percent of all orders arrive within two business days!
FreePasser MT Tires
FreePasser MT®
FreePasser MT®
Mud Traker

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