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When to Air Down your Offroad Wheels and Tires

Air down offroad wheels and tires

Changing your air pressure can make a huge difference.

When it comes to driving in different kinds of rough terrain, it’s important to have the right amount of your air in your offroad wheels and tires. Just like being properly inflated on the road, air pressure can make a huge difference with driving over rough terrain. It can vastly improve traction, comfort, and safety as well.

So when you’re going into the wilderness with your vehicle, when’s the best time to air down your off road wheels and tires and why is it important?

Airing down your offroad wheels and tires is important for driving across different types of terrain. While various tires are designed specifically for driving on dirt, mud, sand, and other types of terrain, they can often struggle for traction and bounce around when hitting rocks or bumps. Airing down your tires will allow them the ability to conform to different changes in the terrain and achieve more grip.

Air down offroad wheels and tires

As this video shows, when airing down offroad wheels and tires, the tires with more air pressure had a harder time gaining traction compared to those with a lower air pressure.

Offroad wheels and tires with less air pressure can also absorb differences and changes in the terrain much easier, allowing for a more comfortable ride. In many cases where a vehicle is stuck, airing down the tires will give them a bigger footprint and more traction with the terrain beneath.

It is also important to know what the threshold for air pressure is for tires. Vehicles equipped with beadlock wheels can have a little as 5 to 6 psi in their tires while vehicles without beadlocks require about 10 to 12 psi of pressure.

Always remember to make sure that the tires are properly inflated before driving at higher speeds or driving on public roads for safety.


Source: BleepinJeep YouTube

Image Source: ARB USA

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