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What are Performance Tires and What does it Mean?

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On your average passenger vehicle, you’ll see all-season tires or the like mounted right from the factory. On super cars and sports cars, it’s not abnormal to see a set of performance tires coming as standard equipment. There are many benefits to this type of tire compared to all-season, winter, off-road, or others, so let’s get learning about the meaning of performance tires!

Typically, passenger vehicles have summer, winter, and all-season tires. Oftentimes, the terms ‘summer’ and ‘performance’ can be interchanged, however performance tires are more geared towards spirited driving or driving on the track. They offer the best possible performance and can make or break your sports car, passenger car, or super car’s abilities to unleash its full potential.

Performance Tires

Performance tires offer many benefits, especially for those that really want to get the most out of their car’s handling, acceleration, braking, and more. These types of tires are made from a different rubber compound that is softer than an all-season or winter tire. This allows them to generate more traction and grip to optimize handling dynamics and overall performance. The tread pattern is also different on performance tires meaning that they are usually geared for a drier surface, however some can be had with a pattern that forces water away for better traction in wet conditions. Again, this will be determined by the type of performance tires that you are looking for, i.e. if it’s for the race track, drag strip, or every day performance driving.

Performance Tires

Another reason that performance tires are used by car enthusiasts and racers is their lower profile and harder sidewall. This allows the performance tires to have a wider footprint and therefore more surface area to generate grip. A stiffer sidewall with a lower profile helps to improve responsiveness that can be immediately felt through the steering wheel by the driver. This helps the driver to get the full potential out of their sports car, sports sedan, coupe, or super car.

Performance tires may sound like the best possible tire to achieve optimum driving performance, however there are some drawbacks. Due to the softer rubber compound that make up these tires, they wear considerably faster than other types of tires – some in as little as 20,000 miles. Due to the technology, construction, compound, and other factors, performance tires are often much more expensive than other types of tires, meaning that you’ll be dropping a hefty amount of money on a full set. With that being said, you will get a solid return on your investment with their effectiveness with spirited driving and racing. It’s also common for performance tires to decrease fuel economy due to their stickier compound and wider contact patch.

Performance Tires

Driving and maintenance with your vehicle is also very important when it comes to buying performance tires meaning that wear can happen significantly faster. Always make sure that your alignment is correct and your car is in working order prior to installing performance tires. A vehicle that is out of alignment will cause these tires to wear considerably faster and end up costing you some serious money.

Performance Tires

Just because performance tires have the word ‘performance’ in their name doesn’t mean that you need to drive like you’re going for the checked flag everywhere. These tires have higher speed ratings and capabilities than other types of tires, however, breaking the law puts yourself and others in danger. It will also cause the tires to wear out faster. Our advice is to save it for the track. You’ll have more fun in a safer environment and be able to brag about your accomplishments afterwards. Always remember that these tires are not safe to use in temperatures below 45-degrees and/or in winter conditions. They will not be able to generate grip and can become damaged.

Performance Tires

Performance tires can be a great addition to your vehicle. Instead of buying suspension and engine upgrades, these will allow you and your vehicle to reach their maximum performance potential on the track or in everyday driving. Always remember to keep your wheels in alignment and vehicle in working order to get the maximum life out of each tire. They may cost a pretty penny, but the smile on your face behind the wheel can definitely be worth the purchase.

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