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Watch this Range Rover and its Truck Rims have some fun in the Sand!

Range Rover Truck Rims Desert

Doing what it was made to do!

As crazy as it may seem, Land Rover Range Rovers were made with all sorts of off road, all terrain technology and hardware. While their truck rims are often relegated to mall parking lots and asphalt as wealthy soccer moms driver their kids around, some owners actually taken them out in the mud, dirt, sand, and more for a good time.

This owner in Las Vegas, NV is one of those. When they take their Range Rover out for some fun in the desert, they often get confused looks from other Jeep, truck, and SUV drivers. Why? Because those truck rims are supposed to be on the pavement with some rich driver behind the wheel, according to the average buyer, and definitely not in the sand.

Range Rover Truck Rims Desert

Well this owner is kicking that trend and having fun with the supercharged V-8 engine as it sends all 500+ horsepower to the four truck rims. Thanks to some pretty advanced terrain technology coupled with years of off roading know-how and expertise, their tough SUV is able to overcome quite a bit and speed through the sand, rock, and dirt.

Even the steep inclines over rocks are no match for the Range Rover and its truck wheels. The hardware-packed SUV was more than happy to put the power down and drift through the sand, even climbing a few times.

It just goes to show, that while the Land Rover Range Rover models may look like high-end road-going SUVs, they’re more than able to perform in any terrain.

Source: Speedracer38 Youtube

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