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Watch these Tires and Wheels in a Burnout on Thermal Camera!

Thermal Camera Butnout

Now that’s cool!

Doing a burnout and roasting your tires and wheels with your car, truck, or SUV is a ton of fun in and of itself. But, the science behind it is pretty cool too, especially when you get a really expensive thermal camera and film the whole thing.

The team at ‘Engineering Explained’ have one of those fancy thermal cameras and decided to put it to good use by filming a Honda S2000 doing a burnout with its older tires and wheels. The $40,000 thermal camera was being used to see just how much heat the burnout generated with the tires, rims and other parts of the vehicle.

Thermal Camera Butnout

For this video, one tire was under inflated while the other was inflated to the factory specifications. The driver of the S2000 then mashed the throttle and proceeded to rip a pretty long burnout. Quickly, the tires and wheels heated up to around 160-degrees Celsius in just five seconds. At first, the under-inflated tire heated up on the inside first, where much of the load was carried due to the improper alignment. In the properly-inflated tire, heat was evenly generated across the tread on the other side of the rear axle.

The video also showed that the brakes were also generating quite a bit of heat during the burnout in addition to the tires and wheels. This was due to the friction caused by the pads, and even resulted in some color being left on the rotors from the heat.

After the lengthy burnout, all that was left was just a bunch of debris form the chewed up rubber.

Source: Engineering Explained

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