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Watch these Jeep Wheels go Through Hell!

Jeep Cherokee Death

How to properly send off a Jeep.

The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) is a legend in the off road world and there’s good reason why. Its reliability, ability to perform, and inexpensive price makes it a good choice for tooling around. But when your Jeep wheels finally start to give you, you have to give it a proper send off.

This Jeep Cherokee had been used for years to haul and carry equipment and tools without fuss. Its Jeep wheels went wherever they were asked to and it got the job done. But, when electrical gremlins started to pop up and other things broke that cost too much to fix, it was time to say goodbye.

Jeep Cherokee Death

And what better way to send it off than by beating the absolute crap out of it?!

This Cherokee and its missing door was brought to an off-road playground with all sorts of derelict cars, hills, and jumps. The crew of guys ran it into the air, onto cars, tipped it over, and busted a lot of parts. No matter what it seemed like these Jeep wheels just weren’t going to give up, even without doors, mirrors, and other parts.

The Jeep wheels literally busted off the SUV on a few occasions and were sometimes fixed before finally being put to rest. With fluids leaking out and the Cherokee unable to start, it was time to finally put it to rest.

Source: Matt Ellison Youtube

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