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Watch The Hoonigans and all their screw-ups from 2017!

Sliding into 2018 with some damage.

Drifting and donuts are hard to do, even when you’re a professional. Getting those rear tires loose and those custom wheels spinning is a recipe for fun but also not exactly safe, especially in a small area. Just ask ‘The Hoonigans’, as they had plenty of screw ups over 2017.

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, The Hoonigans do a ‘Daily Transmission’ show where they test cars, do interviews, follow stunts going on, and have some fun with all sorts of vehicles. Just outside their shop is a spot that’s just big enough to do some donuts and drifting. And when we say “just big enough” we mean it’s barely enough space to get those custom wheels spinning into some crazy stunts.

Throughout 2017, The Hoonigans have been able to enjoy a wide range of vehicles from Trophy Trucks to Smart cars and everything in between. Some of the vehicles have been highly modified while others are bone stock. No matter what, the team was more than happy to get their custom wheels spinning.

And, of course, it resulted in some pretty crazy crashes, fails, bumps, and bruises. The Hoonigans team decided to recap all of their crazy hijinks in a video and show some of their favorites. So, next time you think about drifting, make sure that you do it in a big area. Otherwise, your custom wheels might get bumped – just ask these professionals.

Source: TheHoonigans YouTube

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