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Watch a Tesla Model 3 Take on a Hummer H2!

Tesla Model 3 vs Hummer H2

Sink those wheels and tires into some snow!

Today’s world of automobiles and vehicles is rapidly changing thanks to the incredible advancements in technology. Now, there are fully electric vehicles that are completely changing the game. Even ten years from now, we may have fully autonomous cars driving us around.

One of the cars at spearheading the transformation is the Tesla Model 3 all-electric SUV. While it’s designed to be an efficient, high-tech way to travel, it is also surprisingly quick, and not that bad in low-traction situations, depending on the wheels and tires that are fitted to it for the situation.

Tesla Model 3 vs Hummer H2

YouTuber, Bjørn Nyland, decided to do a little bit of a test between two SUVs on the opposite ends of the spectrum: the Hummer H2 and the Telsa Model 3 in the snow. He wanted to see what kind of performance they would provide in the snow on a 30-degree incline in a variety of situations with different wheels and tires.

The Hummer H2 with its torquey engine driving all four wheels and tires was outfitted with stock wheels and studded snow tires. The Tesla Model 3 on the other hand, was given stock wheels and stud-less snow tires. They were each put through their paces with rolling, reverse, and stop-start crawls up the 30-degree incline.

While the Hummer H2 surprisingly was better in a variety of situations due to its off-road design, the Tesla Model 3 did surprisingly well with its stud-less wheels and tires.

In the end, the Hummer H2 is best for winter performance in the snow, but the Model 3 is a worthy competitor when it comes to driving in the slippery white stuff. Nyland even determined that the stud-less tires performed better in the snow.

Source: Bjørn Nyland YouTube

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