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Time for some Formula Drift with an S14 on Enkei Wheels!

Geoff Stonebeck Nissan S14 Enkei Wheels

Get ready to kick loose!

Formula Drift sees the best and most talented stars in the tire shredding profession showcase their skills on asphalt as they slide their cars sideways. For the 2015 Formula Drift Season, Geoff Stoneback is speeding towards success with his Nissan S14 Silvia with custom Enkei Wheels.

Stoneback was the Formula Drift Rookie of the Year and is looking to improve upon that magic with the tuned Nissan S14. Powering those rear Enkei Wheels is an RHS LSX V-8 engine with All Pro LS7 heads that was built by Lon M prior to being installed at Competition Engine Services. A four-speed gearbox mates up with a Winter Quick Change differential from MA Motorsports to ensure proper spinning of the rear Enkei Wheels. All that equates to a monster 650 WHP.

Geoff Stonebeck Nissan S14 Enkei Wheels

For the 2015 Formula Drift season, Stonebeck has opted for Enkei Wheels, specifically the Tenjin model. The nine-spoke Enkei Tenjin rims are from the Tuning Series and were installed in a 17 x 9.0 +35 front and 18 x 9.5 +15 rear staggered setup. Achilles Radial ATR Sport 2 and 123 tires provide traction (at least when needed) before turning into smoke on the track. Since the Tenjin wheels are not offered with a white finish, but a bit of paint fixed that problem for the young drift star.

R/T Tuning did most of the work building the Nissan S14 with much of the aerodynamic bodywork and assembly, from the new ventilated hood, headlights, and bumper to the massive rear spoiler catching all the downforce. All of the graphics were also done by D-Magic to stay fresh on the track and show off the sponsors.

Packed with power and armed with the Enkei Tenjin rims, Stonebeck is ready to drift his way to the top!

Fitment Specifications:
Vehicle: Nissan Silvia S14
Wheels: Enkei Tenjin
Wheel Finish: White
Front Wheels: 17 x 9.0 +35
Rear Wheels: 18 x 9.5 +15
Tires: Achilles Radial ATR Sport 2 and 123

Source: WhatMonstersDo

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