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Time for British Style with this Range Rover on Niche Wheels!

Land Rover Range Rover Niche Verona - M168 Wheels

Classy but ready for off-road duty.

The Land Rover Range Rover is a vehicle that does quite a few things well. It’s a high-end luxury machine that has power to back it up as well as prestige. But, it’s also a very capable off-roader. This Range Rover is a classy British machine and it’s sporting a new set of Niche Wheels that fit it just perfectly.Land Rover Range Rover Niche Verona - M168 Wheels

The Land Rover Range Rover comes in many variants and styles to suit almost every flavor of high-end luxury motoring. While not the extreme long-wheelbase, this Range Rover is packed with the supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine that comes with quite the punch. In stock form, it produces 503 horsepower and 461 lb-ft. of torque for all four of the Niche Wheels to utilize.

This Land Rover Range Rover has all the looks that you could ever ask for in a minimalistic yet modern luxury SUV. The clean lines are less angular than the previous-gen box-shaped models and there’s a certain classiness about it that’s distinctly British. Black highlights in the front fascia, headlights, roof, and fender provide just enough contrast on the SUV, and are complemented by the new Niche Wheels.

Land Rover Range Rover Niche Verona - M168 Wheels

Quietly rotating across the pavement or even mud (if driver’s so choose) are new Niche Verona – M168 rims. These one-piece alloy rims are finished in a Gloss Black color to match the contrasting highlights seen throughout the body of the Land Rover Range Rover. Each one of the Niche Wheels also measures a large 24 x 10.0 at the front and rear. Despite their large size, the Niche Verona – M168 rims fit inside the fenders perfectly for a clean and elegant look.

Land Rover Range Rover Niche Verona - M168 Wheels

If you’re looking for the perfect high-end luxury SUV to get you through summer in a cool and classy way, this Land Rover Range Rover with Niche Verona – M168 rims is right up your alley.

Fitment Specifications:
Vehicle: Land Rover Range Rover
Wheels: Niche Verona – M168
Wheel Finish: Gloss Black
Wheel Size: 24 x 10.0

Source: Niche Road Wheels

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