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This Mk6 Volkswagen Jetta with BBS CF Wheels is Pure German

Mk6 Volkswagen Jetta with BBS CF Wheels

Das a good fitment.

German car enthusiasts from Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and other brands are always proud to display their vehicle’s European heritage. Whether its European license plates, OEM+ equipment, the German flag, or upgrades from German tuners, you can be sure that their vehicle is using only the best in European parts. One of the most popular upgrades for Volkswagen enthusiasts are BBS wheels. The German wheel company makes some of the best OEM and aftermarket wheels and this white Mk6 Volkswagen Jetta is more than happy to show off its new set of BBS CF wheels and its stunning fitment.

Mk6 Volkswagen Jetta with BBS CF Wheels

The Volkswagen Jetta is the typical German sedan. It’s teutonic, sporty, clean, and purposeful while being efficient. It’s a great platform to modify and customize whether it’s with BBS CF wheels, suspension upgrades, or exterior styling. This white Volkswagen Jetta was given more than a new set of shoes to ride on by its owner.

The five, double-spoke style of the BBS CF wheels made them the perfect candidate for the Jetta and its teutonic design. The sedan was outfitted with a set of four 18 x 8.0 ET40 BBS CF wheels and corresponding Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires for incredible amounts of grip on the asphalt. The fitment was then finished off with a new set of H&R R8 coilovers that dropped the ride height down to show just enough poke while keeping things clean.

Mk6 Volkswagen Jetta with BBS CF Wheels

This Volkswagen Jetta received more than a fitment, though. The turbocharged, 2.0-liter inline-four cylinder engine was outfitted with a new APR K04 turbocharger, front-mount intercooler, downpipe, AWE catback exhaust, IE valve springs, and Carbonio cold air intake, along with a few other modifications inside the engine bay and drivetrain. What ensues is a great deal of power being sent to each of the front BBS CF wheels, but it’s nothing the German sedan can’t handle.

This just goes to show that you can’t ever go wrong with BBS wheels on a German vehicle.


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