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This F-350 Super Duty with new Rims and Tires is Ready to Work!

Ford F-350 Super Duty Chassis Cab 4x2 SuperCab XL

Getting ready to manufacture.

The manufacturing business is a tough, demanding sector. There’s lots of heavy machinery, tools, supplies, and more and there needs to be a truck that can handle those duties. So, one New Jersey company designed their own Ford F-350 Super Duty with dual rear rims and tires, a turbodiesel V-8, and lots more to get the job done.

With the new Ford Super Duty, the brand went around and asked customers to design their own trucks that were suited for their industry. Nate Berges of Berges Trenton Awning in Pleasantville, NJ, created one that could handle all of their tools and had added width thanks to the dual rear rims and tires.

“We send out two or three guys for most work, and the 2017 Super Duty gives us 6 inches of additional space in the SuperCab compared to the outgoing model,” explains Nate Berges, Berges Trenton Awning vice president. “That’s a serious improvement our guys will appreciate the moment they jump in. The dual-rear-wheel trucks are great because we actually gain room in our utility bodies because of the extra rear-end width. More width means more tools and supplies.”

The heart of the Ford F-350 Super Duty Chassis Cab 4×2 SuperCab XL is powered by the mighty 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel V-8 engine that sends over 900 lb-ft. of torque to the rear rims and tires. A six-speed SelectShift automatic gearbox ensures that towing and hauling is easier.

“We buy XLs with the power equipment package,” says Berges. “It helps us stretch our dollars, and gives us power windows, locks, fobs and other convenience features that create an awesome truck for our crew members. No matter what truck we spec out, using Ford as the base, we know we are getting the best truck our hard-earned money can buy.”

The dual rear rims and tires for the Ford F-350 Super Duty Chassis Cab 4×2 SuperCab XL and the extended cab allows for more space inside the cabin and inside the bed so that more tools and supplies can be hauled. A 3.73 non-limited-slip rear axle also helps in the traction department.

This custom designed Ford F-350 Super Duty Chassis Cab 4×2 SuperCab XL is built to haul in the manufacturing industry, starting with Berges Trenton Awning.

Source: Ford

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