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Slip ‘n’ slide in Slow Motion with Across this Frozen Lake!

Ice Drifting

The perfect way to practice drifting.

It’s not often that you can go out and practice drifting in a safe environment at low speeds without fear of hitting someone or something, or getting pulled over. The art of losing traction with your wheels and tires while being able to control your vehicle as it slides sideways is an adrenaline-packed, white-knuckled art form that takes a lot of practice.

However, unless you have money to throw at renting out a track, parking lot, and going through a few sets of wheels and tires, you’re out of luck.

Ice Drifting

Well, unless you live near a frozen lake like Yachiho Lake in Japan. Here, the snow was cleared off the thick ice and a makeshift track was made to practice drifting at slow speeds. Here, cars must have standard wheels and tires, exhaust, safety equipment, etc. and no studded snow tires are allowed to prevent damage to the ice and allow for better sliding.

Although the cars only go maybe 30 mph max, it gives drivers plenty of opportunity to try new techniques, make mistakes, and coordinate drifts that would otherwise be very hard to try on pavement at speed. Thanks to the slippery ice, the wheels and tires slip like crazy (as well as the drivers) but generate just enough grip to make a few different maneuvers.

It may not be fast, but it sure is a lot of fun!

Source: Noriyaro YouTube

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