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Shred through some Tires and Rims with this Honda Civic!

Honda Civic Burnout


You smell that? Its tire smoke and it smells absolutely glorious. Plus, it’s coming from your neighbor, Brian’s yard again as he’s shredding the tires and rims again on his Honda Civic. But, you’re not complaining.

You see, burnouts are a fun part of being a car enthusiast. Doing a burnout in any type of vehicle is an awesome sight as those tires and rims spin, creating a cloud of smoke that surrounds the vehicle until the driver has had their fill or some kind of mechanical failure occurs. Either way, it’s AWESOME.

Honda Civic Burnout

According to the video uploader, the driver of this fourth-generation Honda Civic hatchback is named Brian, and he’s at it again on the burnout slab, turning those tires and rims into smoke again. Many front-wheel drive cars are looked at as boring and not as good as all- and rear-wheel drive cars because of their powertrain layout. Brian is here to show you that front-wheel drive cars are freaking awesome, even ones that are almost 30 years old too.

This Honda Civic was equipped with an old, crappy set of tires and rims to beat the ever living hell out of on this homemade burnout pad. The front wheels of the Civic were loaded up and the pedal was pushed to the metal. The rubber quickly lost traction and the friction created a cloud of smoke that consumed the entire yard and almost hid the entire car as if it was some sort of magic trick.

That’s how you do a burnout, folks!

Source: Puff1 YouTube

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