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Shred some Aftermarket Wheels in ‘Field Day’ with Matt Field!

Matt Field in 'Field Day'

Nothing but pure drifting and fun.

We all love drifting. No matter what kind of vehicle it is, seeing someone go sideways around a corner or open stretch of pavement is just awesome. It unleashes the inner kid in all of us and inspires us to go out and do the same. Just ask Matt Field who did just that in ‘Field Day’ with his racecar and some aftermarket wheels.

Matt Field in 'Field Day'

‘Field Day’ starring Matt Field and a chicken was produced by Heat Wave Visual in a quiet California reservoir road. Field is no stranger to going sideways and shredding through some tires and aftermarket wheels thanks to his Formula DRIFT career. There, he’s held his own and made some serious moves with a Chevrolet Corvette sponsored by Falken Tire.

Here, Field is behind the wheel of his custom built Nissan Silvia S14 packing a supercharged LS V-8 engine under the hood. The Falken Tire liveried sports car wears some slick aftermarket wheels and is not afraid to let those rear tires loose.

Matt Field in 'Field Day'

After kicking a chicken out of the car, Fields speeds through the curves, going sideways and sliding that rear axle and aftermarket wheels every chance he gets. He passes a bicyclist, wheelie-riding motorcyclist, and then has to come to a stop for the same chicken that he kicked out of his car.

Welp, that didn’t end well for the chicken who decided to play chicken.

Source: HeatWaveVisual YouTube

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