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Nitrogen Fill Advantages Vs Oxygen

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Nitrogen gas is all around us, every day. In fact, it makes up 80-percent of the air we breathe. This colorless, odorless, and harmless gas is a vital part of our life and can also play an important role in our vehicles as well.

Traditionally, tires have been filled with compressed air. While this is a normal way to inflate tires, Nitrogen offers many more benefits. It’s so much more beneficial over compressed air, that it is used in commercial, heavy-duty, military, and motorsport applications. Even Air Force One uses Nitrogen to fill its tires.

The reason for these applications is pretty simple: Nitrogen gas permeates tire walls about 40-percent slower than compressed air, allowing the tires to hold their pressure for longer periods of time. That, in turn, helps to improve fuel economy between 4- and 10-percent, and extend the life of both the tire and wheel. Nitrogen-filled tires also improve tire handling, control, grip, and most importantly, safety.

Not only is Nitrogen gas safer and better for fuel economy, but it will also help extend the life of wheels. Compressed air can contain moisture that builds up over time and can cause the inside of the rim to rust. Nitrogen gas does not contain moisture, thus eliminating the possibility of rust forming on the outer rim.

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