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Let’s get Blacked Out with this Hummer H2 on Fuel Wheels!

Hummer H2 Fuel FF26 Wheels

Sinister style.

There’s fewer and fewer Hummer H2s these days. The brand that was born from the military machine has bitten the dust in GM’s reorganization and bankruptcy, and fewer cars are left roaming the streets. This Hummer H2 on Fuel Wheels, however, is looking to stick around a little while longer.

Hummer H2 Fuel FF26 Wheels

This isn’t your average Hummer H2. This ‘SUT’ truck version has an open back-end that’s ready to haul around and get work done. Under the hood is a meaty 6.0-liter V-8 engine that churns out a beefy 325 horsepower at 5,200 RPM, allowing it to hit 60 mph from rest in 10.7 seconds. That power is sent to all four Fuel Wheels thanks to a four-speed automatic gearbox. On-road performance may not be the name of the game, but off-road this Sport Utility Truck can get things done.

Hummer H2 Fuel FF26 Wheels

This Matte Black monster is quite the intimidating presence on or off the road. Every bit of the body has been adorned with the Matte Black paint finish from the Fuel Wheels to the grille, side mirrors, and more. Even the lighting and door handles have the dark tint that’s matched by the tinted windows.

Hummer H2 Fuel FF26 Wheels

For this Sport Utility Truck, a new set of Fuel FF26 rims were installed with a 24-inch diameter at the front and rear. These deep dish, eight-spoke Fuel Wheels carry on the dark look with a Matte Black finish including hardware.

In addition to the new Fuel FF26 rims, this Hummer H2 also rides high on a new lift kit that gives it more ground clearance and a commanding view of the road.

Hummer H2 Fuel FF26 Wheels

There may be fewer Hummer H2s on the road today than there were a few years ago, but this Matte Black beauty is unforgettable.

Fitment Specifications:
Vehicle: Hummer H2 SUT
Wheels: Fuel FF26
Wheel Finish: Matte Black
Wheel Diameter: 24 inches

Source: Fuel

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