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KMC XD Series Rockstar II Wheels Are Perfect for Offroad Wheel & Tire Packages

KMC XD Series Rockstar II Wheels

Evolving from the original Rockstar.

One of the most popular wheels in the KMC Wheels model lineup has been the KMC XD Series Rockstar wheels. Their success has resulted in the company known for their aftermarket offroad wheels to produce a new generation of their famous wheel that has now evolved into something special. Called the KMC XD Series Rockstar II wheels, these five-spoke wheels are perfect for those in search of the ultimate in offroad wheel and tire packages as they offer style and superb build quality.

The new KMC XD Series Rockstar II wheels are built for a wide range of applications on stock or lifted SUVs and trucks and are a perfect starting point in creating those dirt and mud-destroying off-road wheel and tire packages. The new Rockstar II wheels mirror the same design language of their popular Rockstar predecessors but this time feature angled spokes emerging outwards from the floating center hub, while the five classic spokes sit beneath, creating a concave style. In the center of the wheel proudly sits a KMC star.

KMC XD Series Rockstar II Wheels

“Most people couldn’t tell you the names of any other wheel styles, but everyone knows what a Rockstar is,” said Rhett Sander, Wheel Pros Marketing Director. The Rockstar wheel was a hit ever since it was first introduced in 2006, and the new design continues the same influential design language.

The KMC XD Series Rockstar II wheels will be offered in diameters ranging from 17- to a massive 24-inches and will not be limited to just truck and SUV applications. The wheels are currently available in black with special black accent pieces for a full blacked out look. The new KMC XD Series Rockstar II wheels will also be available as part of a wide variety of offroad wheel and tire packages.

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