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Jeep Wrangler JK 285/70/17 Wheels & Tire Packages


Looking to give your stock height JK Wrangler a nice off road stance? Consider the 285/70/17 which is 32.71″ Tall and 11.22″ Wide. Paired up with 17×8 or 17×9 wheels and you got yourself a nice fitment. Below are some of the most common set ups we run in various offset / back spacing combinations in order of most conservative to most aggressive. The higher the offset the closer it is to your chassis and the lower the offset the more outward it will be.

Click your desired package below:

17×8 with 285/70/17 offset: +10 back spacing: 4.89″

17×8 with 285/70/17 offset: 0 back spacing: 4.5″

17×9 with 285/70/17 offset: 0 back spacing: 5″

17×9 with 285/70/17 offset: -12 back spacing 4.53″

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