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How to use Electrical Tape for Tires on Custom Wheels!

Replacing tires with electrical tape

Because why not?

There are quite a few age-old questions that us as automotive enthusiasts ponder and argue on a daily basis. One of them is definitely not ‘Can I use electrical tape instead of tires?’ Seriously, this famous Russian automotive enthusiast and mechanic has made quite the set of custom wheels wrapped in electrical tape because why not, right?

This crazy Russian mechanic has been doing all sorts of crazy experiments on cars through his YouTube channel for years. Using wood for pistons, making homemade snow tires on his custom wheels, and much more. Now, he’s using 600 rolls of electrical tape as an experiment to advance transportation technology.

Replacing tires with electrical tape

Armed with an old Lada, steelies, and 600 rolls of blue electrical tape, this Russian got to work wrapping one of the custom wheels by hand. When that proved to be too slow, he jacked the Lada up on stands and mounted the rear wheel that was bare. He then took a metal bar and mounted a few rolls, then had his friend hit the gas, rolling the tape onto the wheel. He did this on both sides and it still took them well into the night to complete.

The next day, our favorite Russian got behind the wheel and ran over a board with four screws to see what would happen. Well, two of the screws became embedded in the tire while the other two were bent. After that experiment, the Lada was drifted in the parking lot, shredding the tape off the custom wheels and making quite a mess (which they later cleaned).

Thank you for doing crazy things like these!

Source: Garage 54 ENG YouTube

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