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Go Small with these Defender 90 Off Road Wheels and Tires!

Land Rover Defender Off Road Wheels and Tires RC Car

Mini but Mighty!

The Land Rover Defender 90 is one of the most iconic all terrain machines ever made. Its legacy will be felt for years to come and its influence has been seen throughout the automotive industry across the globe. These mighty and rugged SUVs know no boundaries with their off road wheels and tires trekked across anything and everything.

Their mighty capabilities can even be seen on a smaller scale with RC cars. Yes, your eyes probably did deceive you at first – this is a miniature Land Rover Defender 90 complete with off road wheels and tires, suspension, and more.

Land Rover Defender Off Road Wheels and Tires RC Car

While this might not be the real deal, life-sized SUV plowing through dirt, mud, water, and everything else with its square shape and off road wheels and tires, it’s still an impressive little beast. The RC car is capable of going through water, hills, and all kinds of obstacles – because it’s a mini freakin’ Land Rover Defender 90!

Don’t lie, the inner kid in you is thinking that this is one of the coolest things that you’ve seen the entire week. The RC Defender 90 has it all from a full suspension setup, realistic body work and interior, and even meaty off road wheels and tires chewing up the terrain.

Keep kicking butt, little dude!

Source: ALLRC Youtube

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