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Get Ready to Drive with this VW GTI with Nurburgring TSW Wheels


Tornado Red Terror.

When it comes to hot hatches, the Volkswagen GTI reins king. It’s relatively low price tag compared to the competition plus its long pedigree makes it a favorite among automotive enthusiasts. The cult-like following that it has also helped to grow a very large aftermarket that allows for the modification of virtually every aspect of the car. This MkV Tornado Red Volkswagen GTI is one example of a hot hatch that has a lot of fun thanks to some aftermarket modifications, from its TSW wheels to the tuned 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.

The new TSW Nurburgring wheels may be the biggest visual modifications to the Volkswagen GTI, but there’s quite a bit of fun stuff stashed under the sheetmetal. The 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four cylinder engine is quite potent from the factory producing a healthy 197 bhp and 207 lb-ft. of torque, but that wasn’t enough for this GTI owner. Helping to send more power to the front TSW wheels is a new APR Stage 1 ECU software tune, a Neuspeed intake, and Forge DV spacer while an ECS dogbone insert helps to prevent any wheel hop.


The tuned engine provides the perfect basis a fun track car. The Volkswagen GTI also has a pretty competent chassis setup thanks to a new set of TSW wheels, and other goodies. The TSW Nurburgring wheels were chosen for their lightweight rotary forged construction. In this featured setup, each wheel only weighs in at 18.6 lbs. (without tires), which helps to cut rotating mass at the wheel hub for better overall performance.

These TSW wheels were installed in a 18.0 x 8.0 +45 front and rear setup in a 5 x 112 bolt pattern and a contrasting matte gunmetal finish. Behind the new TSW wheels sit Forge DV spacers to help them protrude outwards for a more dominant stance. For better stopping power, the GTI was fitted with new Adam’s Rotors street pattern with Hawk HPS brake pads. It also helps that new Continental ExtremeContact DW 235/40/18 tires are installed for better grip as well.

After all the upgrades and the lightweight TSW Nurburgring wheels, the Volkswagen GTI is more than ready to handle the track.

Fitment Specifications:
Wheels: TSW Nurburgring
Wheel Finish: Matte Gunmetal
Wheel Size: 18.0 x 8.0 +45
Tires: Continental ExtremeContact DW
Tire Size: 235/40/18

Other Modifications:
-APR Stage 1 ECU tune
-Hawk HPS brake pads
-Adam’s Rotors Street Pattern
-Neuspeed air intake
-Forge DV Spacer
-ECS Dogbone mount insert


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1 Comment

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