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Don’t Let Your Wheels and Tires Sink in the Mud like This Guy!

Land Rover Defender Wheels and Tires Stuck

Talk about getting stuck!

Land Rover Defenders are often regarded as being one of the best off road vehicles ever made. Their ability to go anywhere and do almost anything in the harshest of terrains has given them quite the reputation. However, that does now mean they aren’t vulnerable to certain situations where their wheels and tires just can’t get grip.

This is one rarer occasions where a Land Rover Defender gets its wheels and tires suck so bad that it cannot get itself out. While off roading in the artic, one driver took his Land Rover Defender 110 200 TDI into a small bog that was so muddy that it got stuck. No matter what the driver did and how hard they tried, the wheels and tires just could not get any grip whatsoever.

Land Rover Defender Wheels and Tires Stuck

So, they enlisted the help of one of their friends who attached a tow strap to the submerged Land Rover Defender and attempted to pull them out. Disclaimer: this was a completely unsafe way to pull the Defender out with the tow strap not covered with blankets and people standing around. Unfortunately, the other SUV could not get any traction with its wheels and tires either, forcing plan B.

Thankfully, another SUV was there equipped with a winch, which was again being operated in an unsafe manner without any blankets and people standing around. The winch was able to pull the Defender out of the water, where the owner and other worked on getting the water-logged engine clean and dry.

Source: cuda2266 Youtube

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