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Considering Offroad Rims and Tires? Let’s Debunk Myths about Mud Terrains

Mud terrain tire myths

What’s true and what’s false about these bad boys?

In the automotive world, there are tons of myths about all sorts of things from fuel economy to getting pulled over by police. The same goes for the all terrain driving community, especially when it comes to certain offroad rims and tires. Mud terrain tires are designed specifically to cut through mud with ease and prevent vehicles from getting stuck. However, there are those that are stuck on the myths surrounding these tires.

One such myth for the mud terrain offroad rims and tires is that they are bad on asphalt. While these tires are designed specifically for muddy terrain, they are also more than capable of providing safe and grippy performance on asphalt. Their tread design, compound, and other factors ensure that you’ll have no problem on the asphalt or in the mud.

Another myth surrounding the mud terrain offroad rims and tires is that they wear quicker than traditional types of tires. This might sound like the case due to the purpose that they are intended for, but modern-day tire manufacturers have created long-life compounds and tread patterns that ensure an even and long wear. However, that’s only the case if they are properly inflated for use on asphalt. It’s always important to fill up your tires after an offroad journey before getting back on the road.

A more prominent myth with mud terrain tires is that once they become clogged, then the offroad rims and tires are left with no traction. While this theory makes sense, it’s busted. Tires today feature more advanced tread patterns and designs that can cut through mud while also displacing it so that there is constant grip. The tires clean themselves therefore never get clogged up with mud, leading to a stuck vehicle.

Source: Bridgestone Australia

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