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Check out this Custom Ford Ka with Truck Rims and Discovery Chassis

Monster Ka Truck Rims

Because why not?!

Sometimes, the most fun that you’ll have while off roading isn’t with some big time factory SUV or truck powering through the terrain, but a custom built tiny terror. This crazy Ford Ka with hardcore inner workings, truck rims, and more is a perfect example of that.

Made in Brazil, these unique all terrain machines are pretty competent at off road obstacles. While the may have a cheap and basic Ford Ka body, they have all the abilities thanks to a Land Rover Discovery chassis sitting beneath with some truck rims and beefy tires.

The conversion doesn’t exactly make sense, but that’s the beauty of it all. Having a tried and true off road chassis mated to the ridiculous body of a Ford Ka with some meaty truck rims is hilariously awesome.

Monster Ka Truck Rims

What’s even better is the fact that it’s really fun and good at driving off road. Obstacles that would be a challenge for any normal SUV or truck crumble under the truck rims of this “Monster Ka”.

Now we just have to find a spare Ford Ka body shell and Land Rover Discovery chassis sitting around…

Source: peggie094, Gustavo Almeida Youtube

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